How to use the 'accurev update -t' command.


Is it possible to roll back a workspace to a previous transaction number using the command 'accurev update -t'? While trying to roll the workspace back to a previous transaction the following message was returned.

# accurev update -t 1365
Update started
Scanning entire workspace for files touched since last scan - ok Given
update transaction out of range.

You cannot update a workspace backwards, even with the -t option. However, you can re-parent a workspace to a stream that is backwards in time. To do this, create a time-based stream off of the current backing stream with the time-basis set to the intended transaction. Then reparent the workspace to that new stream, update the workspace and you will be back at that transaction level for the backing stream.

The -t option for update is designed to update a workspace only to a specified transaction. Versions that entered the backing stream after this transaction will not be copied to the workspace.

For example: If you have two workspaces hanging off a stream.


If you perform a keep and promote of file foo.c in WS_1, the history of this promote will show a transaction level of 40. If you perform another keep and promote of file foo.c in WS_1, the history of this promote will be transaction level 42. Now in WS_2, if you only want to pull in all transactions up to transaction level 40, you will run the command, 'accurev update -t 40'. This will update your workspace to that transaction level, leaving transaction 42 in the backing stream.

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