AccuRev command fails if running as wrong user or no password set.


Trying to add an element to AccuRev fails with the following message.

Principal not authenticated: <user_name>
You are either running as the wrong user, have not yet created your
password file, or have the wrong password in your password file.
Password file location: HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH/.accurev/authn

1. Ensure the user who is performing the add command is a registered AccuRev user. This can be determined by running the commands:

# accurev show users

# accurev info

If the output from the &#145;accurev info&#146; command reports the correct principal name and matches the output from the &#145;accurev show users command&#146;.

2. Set the AccuRev password by running the following command:
accurev chpasswd <principal name> <passwd>

Once this is complete, retry the initial command that failed with the error above.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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