Araxis merge not working


Araxis merge not working

Setting Araxis as the diff/merge tool of your choice fails to be picked up by AccuRev. When you try to diff/merge 2 files, nothing happens (fails silently). Araxis works outside AccuRev, and choosing TKDiff as the diff/merge tool works (as well as AccuRev's diff/merge tool).

Most likely it's a path issue. AccuRev's default location for the Araxis executable may be different than where the executable resides. It may also be that the full-path is being used and AccuRev is unable to follow the path.

We have a defect filed against this. The ID is #5667.

Until the defect is fixed, you can set 'OTHER' to use the 'short-path' to the Araxis executable:
"C:\Progra~1\Araxis\Araxis~1\compare %1% %2%"

If this works, you should be able to set your PATH variable to use the same short path (i.e. "\Progra~1\Araxis" instead of "\Program Files\Araxis") and then reset 'other' to use 'Araxis' from the Preferences section.

For additional information please contact AccuRev support.

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