Modifying the 5 second timewarp tolerance in AccuRev.


Modifying the 5 second timewarp tolerance in AccuRev.
Is it possible to change the 5 second hard-coded timewarp tolerance in AccuRev?

Changing this is not possible at this time. Below is some information about the time synchronization algorithm.

Each time a client program contacts the server program, AccuRev compares the system clocks on the two machines:
. If the discrepancy is less than 5 seconds, no clock-related change occurs.
. If the discrepancy is between 5 and 60 seconds, AccuRev automatically changes the client machine's system clock to match the server machine's. (On a Unix client machine, this change occurs only if the client program is running as the root user; this is not advisable in most situations.)

If the discrepancy exceeds 60 seconds:
. A CLI client exits immediately, without performing the user's command.
. A GUI client offers to change the client machine's system clock before executing the user's command. If the user declines this opportunity to synchronize, the GUI client exits immediately. (This is preferable to recording a transaction in a situation with a substantial timewarp.)

Note: you can disable auto-synchronization by having the AccuRev Server process run with environment variable AC_SYNCTIME set to 0. There is no way to include non-AccuRev machines in this scheme.

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