Trigger fails to run after ACLs set on a depot.


After setting ACLs in a depot, the server_dispatch_post trigger fails to run and the following error is recorded in the trigger.log file.

##### [2006/01/13 15:28:08] running:
'"C:\AccuRev\bin\server_dispatch_post.bat" cache/0_0' #####

You are not authorized to perform that operation.

Could not find in at C:\AccuRev\bin\server_dispatch_post.bat line 171

The AccuRev service runs as “Local System Account”, since this account doesn’t have a home directory that includes the .accurev/authn and preferences.xml file, there is no way to authenticate this user in AccuRev when the trigger is run, thus causing it to fail.

You will need to create a local operating system user account and configure AccuRev to run as this user. Then set the ACCUREV_PRINCIPAL for this user to an AccuRev user who you defined as an administrator in the server_admin_trig file. Steps below.

1. Create a local system OS user account.
2. Stop the AccuRev process.
3. Log into the server as the user in step #1.
4. Start the AccuRev process.
5. Define which AccuRev user the service will authenticate as, from the CLI run the commands.

-accurev setpref ACCUREV_PRINCIPAL <AccuRev username>
-accurev setlocalpasswd <AccuRev username passwd>

6. Log out of the server.
7. Log in as different user.
8. Execute the AccuRev command to induce the server_dispatch_post trigger to be fired to verify the fix.

In the future, if you need to stop and start AccuRev, you must do it as the user account in step #1 or you will encounter this problem again.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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