Reactivating a workspace fails with: The workspace's work area is alrea


Trying to reactivate a workspace that was removed fails with the following error.

C:\>accurev reactivate wspace QA_smith
The workspace's work area is already in use by another workspace.
Use chws to change one of them and try again.
Existing workspace: QA_smith at C:/workspaces/QA

There are actually two objects associated with a workspace, the workspace itself and the workspace stream. When you remove a workspace stream, you are only removing the stream, not the workspace. In this case, 'accurev show wspaces' will still list the workspace but 'accurev show streams' will not. If you remove the workspace, both the workspace and the stream are deactivated.

C:\>accurev show wspaces
Workspace Storage Host Stream#
QA_smith C:/ workspaces/QA 11 3356 3356 1 0

C:\>accurev show streams

Reactivate the stream associated with this workspace. Once the stream has been reactivated, the workspace will be functional.

C:\>accurev reactivate stream QA_smith
Reactivated stream QA_smith.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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