How to determine and remove an exclusive lock on an element?


How to determine and remove an exclusive lock on an element?

In order to break a users exclusive lock on a file, you will need to select the element in the users workspace and either perform a promote or purge/"revert to backed version".

In order to determine who had performed the co/anchor you can run the command 'accurev hist <filename>' from the CLI within an AccuRev workspace. The last transaction will indicate who anchored/co'd the file.

C:\ws_store\exc_file_lock>accurev hist purge-test.rtf
element: /./purge-test.rtf
eid: 2
transaction 31; co; 2005/11/17 14:28:40 ; user: jstanley
version 8/1 (3/1)

From this output, you can go into the browse version GUI of this element,
lookup transaction 31 and see which workspace the file was anchored/co'd in. Once you do this, have the user go into that workspace and either promote or revert the elemtent to release the lock.

If the last transaction is not a co/anchor, the file will also be considered locked if someone who shares the same backing stream has kept the file (but not yet promoted).

From the history output, check to see if a user has performed a keep but no promote. If you have the user promote their kept changes, the lock will be released.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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