Merge required message returned when trying to perform a promote operation


When trying to promote a transaction via the GUI (Select the stream -> right click -> Show active transactions) or promote an issue via the GUI (Select the stream -> right click -> Show Issues) the warning message "Merge required" is returned on certain elements.

You will receive the warning message "Merge required" if a newer version of the element which is being promoted, already exists in the backing stream.

If you are promoting via "Show Active Transactions", select all the elements in the transaction except the one that is complaining about needed to be merged and promote them. This will clear the transaction from the active list.

If you are promoting via "Show Issues", select the issue you are trying to promote -> right click -> Send to Change Palette -> select the destination stream -> promote the elements in the list. This will clear the issue from the show issue list.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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