AccuRev GUI is running but is not visible.


AccuRev GUI is running but is not visible.
AccuRev GUI has always worked until one day it stopped, nothing obvious. AccuRev appears to be running in the background, but nothing is visible; Accurev itself works from the command line.

Check the content of preferences.xml file, the lines that might be causing the problem are the lines that set mainX and mainY. These numbers should represent the coordinates of the upper left corner of the GUI. Make sure they are not being set to any values that are off the screen.

The preferences.xml file is located in your HOMEPATH/.accurev folder. A quick way to rule this out is to remove or rename the preferences.xml file. Restarting the AccuRev gui will recreate this file on the fly.

Also, since the GUI is running but is not visible, you should be able to right-click over AccuRev in the task bar and select "Maximize" to make the GUI full screen.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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