Backing stream <stream name> does not exist


Trying to create a snapshot fails with the message:

"Backing stream <stream name> does not exist."

Even though an 'accurev show streams' lists the backing stream.

$ accurev mksnap -s test_snapshot -b backing stream -t "2005/01/19 14:41:00"
Backing stream backing_stream does not exist.

$ accurev show streams
C:\Documents and Settings\jstanley>ac show streams
Stream Backing Stream Depot Stream# Dyn Basis time
backing_stream test ac371 5 Y 2005/08/15 17:43:13

The reason why it fails is the time specified in the mksnap command, is before the existence of the backing stream. Change the time so it is after the backing stream basis time.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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