AccuRev 7.0


Product Announcement for AccuRev 7.0 and AccuRev Integrations

AccuRev 7.0 has officially been released. This is the 1st major release based on 7.0. There were a number of new features, fixes and updates to several of our integrations. To gather more details for each of the fixes and enhancements, please review the Installation and Release Notes:

Below is a list of the High level themes addressed in 7.0:

New Server Improvements:

  • The AccuRev WebUI has been updated to run with Tomcat 8.0.33
  • Replica Rollback - streamlines disaster recovery operations in a replicated environment
  • New License Manager (replaces Reprise License Manager)
  • PostgreSQL upgrade from 8.4.3 to 9.5.3

 Change Package Improvements:

  • Promote and Demote and Issue Variant (Change Packages)
  • Version Browser enhancement “Merge with Backing Stream” (Change Packages)
  • Several other Change Package variants enhancements

GUI Enhancements:

  • New Show Ancestry feature for the Version Browser
  • StreamBrowser performance updates have been dramatically improved
  • New Rich Text editor to resolve issues with past rich text editing
  • New Spell Checker which supports English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese languages

 Integration Updates:

  • AccuSync 2016.2 – added support for Jira 7 and JIRA Data Center
    • Note JIRA Data Center is a paid add-on. Please see sales for pricing.
  • Eclipse plugin 2016.1 – added support for Mars (4.5.0 and 4.5.1)
  • Visual Studio plugin 2016.1 – added support for Visual Studio 2015
  • SonarQube 2016.1 – This new plugin integrates AccuRev annotate with SonarQube

Thank you,

Jimmy O’Rourke  – AccuRev Product Manager

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