Figuring out Traceability in Octane

As a new user and administrator of Octane I'm having some difficulty figuring out how Traceability works in the tool.  Any advice from experienced users/admins on how this works and how best to set it up?  I am going to be converting ALM projects to Octane workspaces, and a lot of them are heavily dependent on Traceability. 

We use the ALM Direct Cover Status information for synchronization with JAMA.  I already know the field "Direct Cover Status" doesn't exist in Octane.  Is there an alternative to use, or do I need to create a User Defined field & List for it?

  • I had good luck with similar migrations from ALM / AGM / VersionOne to Octane using custom fields and lists where the teams didn't want to, or couldn't, map to an existing object like a user story or an existing field.

    Setup the new field and list in Octane and map the Direct Cover Status field should be all that's needed. 

    I also add fields for the originating rec ID from the source for the import to provide a cross reference and tag like "ALM Import 6.5.19" to help locate the imported records later.

  • You may want to look at this earlier suggestion\post that is currently being worked on my Micro Focus Octane engineers.