Octane report - last runs by time, app module, status and tester


Hi, I am trying to create report from Octane which will show ( on timeline ) last runs by app module, status  and users - run by .

Has anybody created the same ?





  • Hi ,

    I have the following suggestions from our ALM Octane team:

    There are a few ways to get the reports requested below:

    Create a trend graph (so you can see the timeline on the X-axis) and track the last runs per day, grouped by either status or run by (we do not support group by 2 fields). You can filter it per selected Application Modules. This graph would look like this:


    Or (grouped by run_by):


    If the visibility needed is more to track it per AM, I would do a summary graph, select the release/timeline and track the last run status per AM (see below).


    If the trend view is required per AM – you can create a trend widget (as the first option suggested) per AM and track it in the same dashboard.