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How to update test suit run report without CI server

I want to update results for test suit without using CI server how can we achieve that i have tried both option REST API(able to update the individual automated test result ) and Test Result collection Tool but able to uplate the test suit result .


RES API :- payload xml format don't have test suit element to update the result or we dnt have any REST API to update the test suit result.

Test Result Collection tool :- though i am getting successful msg "Test result from file 'Result.xml' was pushed to server" but still test suit run report is not updated:

Junit XML payload:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<testsuites xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<testsuite name = "DemoTestSuit" timestamp="2020-04-14T12:12:12" tests="2" failures="0" errors="0" >
<testcase name="Regression_TC05_test_name" classname="DemoTestSuit\Regression_TC05" time="80" status="pass">
<testcase name="Regression_TC06_test_name" classname="DemoTestSuit\Regression_TC06" time="70" status="pass">

Kindly do needful


  • Hello,

    Currently we do not support results injection to a test suite on our API, but the good news is that we are working on it at the moment.

    So it should be supported on one of our next future releases.


    Ayelet Ginni

    ALM Octane R&D

  • Hello,

    out of curiosity do you have an estimated date for this release ?

    When the test suite is executed with the Octane "Run Suite" button, I'm able to update a suite run with these 3 CI server informations : CI Job, build id, server id

    But if a test is executed outside Octane, I'm creating with the api a test suite, an automated test linked to the test suite, and finally creating a suite run. In this context I'm stuck because I don't have any informations to update the suite run apart from the id, name of the suite run ... And currently as mnazim said we don't have any way to update a suite run in this context, or at least not to my knowledge.


  • Unfortunately i don't have estimation currently.

    Are you using Octane on SaaS or on premise? 

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