Please advise

Hi Folks, 

I installed ALM octane 12.60 in linux server. It is connected to Oracle DB. Octane is running without an issue for now. But, recently, I noticed that I installed/deployed Octane in /root/opt directory/ /root has very limitted space. Which would be full in a month from now. 

But, I have a same and huge space left with in the same server. That is I have another directory when I have about 1TB space. I know I should have installed or deployed Octane in this diectory. But did think of that time. 

Now, would I be able to move /octane folder which is in /root/opt directory to say "/alm_too/bucket"?  /alm_too/bucket has 1TB space unused.

What steps should I follow to move the /Octane directory?

What are the files that I should be editing with the new directory location of /Octane?

Note: This is a single node enviroment.