Anyone in this forum hosted ALM Octane in AWS?

Hi Folks, 

Anyone in this forum hosted or planning to host ALM Ocatne in AWS? I love to understand the plann and process you followed?

Thanks you in advance. 

  • Hi,

    Yes, there are many customers that do this.

    The only thing to know is that you need to have DNS server that will provide url for octane that is not in amazon domain. Chrome and other browsers., reject octane authentication cookie when it's URL use amazon domain.

    Rest of the details is the same as in on-premise installation.



  •  thanks for you suggestion. 

    Would you be able to send me the type of Instances and all other services needed to get from AWS inorder to spin ALM Octane. I know question would be how big is my environment. Ideally, this is our 1st time using ALM Octane on perm and AWS. We do not have On prem prod instance yet. But looking to go to AWS directly. I can say our has abot 600/700 projects. So we woul dbe migrating all those projects to ALM Octane. Thus based on this info would you be able to suggest type of insatnce, and other services and cost associated with this? May be diagram of default ALM Octane would be great help for me to get insights. 

    Thank you again. 

  • Hi

    Do you know you can use Octane on the cloud from microfocus? Maybe it will simpler for you.

    If you still want to install on AWS, I suggest you start with small staging project on AWS so you learn the system.

    For this small environment you can use one EC2 for octane server.

    In product system you will need auto-scaling group but I suggest to leave it to later stage.


    You can see the installation guide of octane for detailed explanation on the installation process -




  • Hey,

    Official Octane SaaS is hosted on AWS so it can definitely be installed and can scale quite a bit :-)

    Like   suggested, you can follow most of the instructions in the installation guide.  

    You should leverage AWS services such as RDS, EFS and ALB as those work really great. 


  •  &  thansk you both for your suggestion. 

    Saas is a great platform. But, with my sutiation, I am heading towards AWS. So thought to ask folks about the plan and process. 

    In addition, I am trying to understand how much would it cost me with the environmental setup that I need. Like how may EC2, what type of Storage, LB, and any service needed for ALM Octane. 

    I am willing to hear or see from anyone who has hosted ALM Ocatne into AWS with their environmental setup. Meanig like what services has been used, what type of instances, what type of storage and what all?

    I totally understand, the environmental setup wuld be based on current load or future expected load. But, I am poking little to understand how folks have set up their environment. 

    Hope anyone wont mind asnwering my requiremnts. 



  • Ok. I hope one of our customers will answer you in the forum.

  •  What type of AWS storage service (EFS or EBS or S3) is support by ALM Octane?

    Admin guide tells about the System requirement. But, did not see much helpful like AWS storage, DB. 


  • Hi,

    There are several options. Octane does connect directly to AWS services. Instead it access to disk storage, database and elasticsearch database. Each can be installed manually by you on EC2 or can be a service from AWS (like RDS for database etc).

    If you want to deploy cluster of octane servers, than you need several EC2 for each octane server and EFS for shared storage.

    I suggest to set a phone call with your contact point in microfocus to discuss this if you have more questions.



  • Here's a diagram that  shows how we deploy Octane in AWS

    A couple of notes:

    • we use a dedicated and isolated VPC which is have very little and well protected contact points with the Internet
    • We use RDS Oracle for database services.  RDS Sql Server will work as well. 
    • We deploy ElasticSearch manually as we require the transport client which is not supported in RDS
    • We use EFS for repository storage
    • EBS is local machine storage so we have lots of those but they are not part of the architecture
    • we use ALB's and ELB's extensively - AWS native WAF is not compatible with Octane
    • We use S3 for backup but it's not suited for online storage.
    • we use autoscaling groups but it's probably too complicated for a regular setup.

    I hope this helps 

    aws architecture.png

  •  I installed ALm Octane CP9 in AWS linux server. Installation was successful, SA schema created and everything looks good except the issue in launching ALM Octane url in browser. 

    I am using using the browser as below in setup.xml file is a CNAME. 

    When I launch above url in browser (chrome) I get below error:

    This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

    HTTP ERROR 502
    I also tried launching above url with IP address of AWS linux server and it failed. Before I ran IP address in url, I went and setup App url with I address in setup.xml file. 
    What might the cause please?