How to create/add bulk users in WorkSpace?

Hi Folks, 

I am curious to know the process/steps to created user or add users in ALM Octane WorkSpace. 

Is there a similar process that we do in 

Created users in SA > Add to project>Assign Role

Example For Octane: 

I have 20 users that I need to create their account in Octane, add them into A workspace and Assign Tester and Leader role. Those 20 users detail is in excel.

So, Can I use excel sheet to create/add users in ALM Octane WorkSpace? Similar to

Note: My authentication Method is Internal.

Please suggest.

  • Hi,

    When Octane is configured with either LDAP or SSO authentication you have the option to import users from CSV into Octane from Shared-space users administration or Workspace users administration.

    Note - users details in the CSV should match the external user store definition and mapping in octane.yml to later have a successful login to Octane.

    for more information look for the below in Octane's Help Center:

    • Import IdP users for SSO authentication into a workspace (on-premises)
    • Import LDAP users into ALM Octane
  •  Thanks much for sharing imp info. 

    I was aware of it. But. may help someone in this forum. 

    I have not implemented SSO auth yet. But, i have a need to create bulk users and assign to them a role. So, Im looking a way to do the task in much simpler way.  

  •  Any update on this would be a great help please.

  • Hi  ,

    Sorry, I missed that the GDPR Content Pack is still an option!

    If you want to import only the users then you can do the following: Go to module GDPRImport / subImportStart and search for 

    ' ------- Import into ALM Octane --------



    Add a new line:


    Then remove / comment all lines including this line:


    Now the Octane import will only SignIn, Initialize the connection to Octane and then import the users.


    Regarding the Octane User import function: You'll find it in module modOCT /  subOCTDemoImportUser.  The first lines of the sub fetch user roles etc., you'll need to modify that if you need different roles - or just hardcode them if that's ok. The real work starts here:

    ' Iterate over all user rows

    The code first checks if the user is already there - if not the user is created starting from this line:

    ' We create the user

    The quite ugly m_objRequest.Body is JSON code to create the user, you can modify it if you e.g. need different phone numbers than "555-555-5555"


    I hope this helps a bit - please contact me directly via e-mail if you need any further help.



    Developer of the ALM Octane Developer Tools & GDPR, POPIA, CCPA Content Packs (Marketplace)

  • Verified Answer


    Please find attached a first version of the Octane User Import tool based on the GDPR Content Pack. The code is not at all perfect but you can use it to build your own tool.

    The tool checks if if finds the user (identified by the e-mail). If the user is already there the tool sets the right user roles - else it creates the user.



    Developer of the ALM Octane Developer Tools & GDPR, POPIA, CCPA Content Packs (Marketplace)

    Import User Tool
  •  Thanks much for your support. This is amazing. 

    In addition to this, I added few condition to meet my need. Example: send auto email to users with detail about their profile created/updated in Octane and some other conditions. 

    Credit to you!

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