How to get different manual test parameter values within different Test Suite using the same test?


As a former user of ALM QC I am evaluating now ALM Octane.

In ALM Quality Center it was possible to define a test with empty parameters. Basically those test parameters were like template parameters for the tests. An example of parameter was something like: "server ip address" = "".

Thus when the test was moved from Test Plan to Test Lab it was possible to add the expected values of the parameters. We specified the value we wanted for that parameter; something like that: "server ip address" = "". The value of the parameter is NOT updating the test in the Test Plan; it is associated to the test in the context of the Test Lab.

The big advantage of not updating the value of the parameter of the test itself and leaving that value empty is that it allows running the same test from different Test Sets in Test Plan with different values without concurrency issue. Thus when Test Sets run at the same time it does not make any problem (some tests can be common to different Test Sets/Test Suites).

With Octane the values of the parameters of a test are defined inside a Data Set that belongs to the test itself. And that is the problem.

So the only solutions I can see here are:

1. Running manual test with one user at the same time and changing the parameter value every time the user changes. Well clearly it is no great to ask people to wait for working plus making a change every time the test parameters need to be changed is counterproductive from my point of view.

2. Using different Data Sets could be an answer. But when a manual test is run then not only it is not possible to select the Data Set we want (at least I did not find a solution for that) but even if it were possible to do so then all tests using another Data Set than the Default Data Set require to be selected manually which is a bad process (more manual actions and prone to error).

I am not an expert user so I may have missed something.

Is there any acceptable solution for managing different parameter values from the same manual test used by different Test Suites?

  • Hi  

    I would like to make sure I understand the use case correctly.

    The parameter which you mentioned (server IP) sounds like a run time parameter indeed and not something you would manage in the test area.
    How many of those parameters do you have? And how many options for each? How dynamic is that?


  • Hi Yeal,

    You are right to say that those parameters are used at run time. However they are defined before run time (at least in Quality Center).

    So far I it  is about 4~5 parameters. But that number could be more than that.

    Here are examples:

    Test "A" for a purpose A:

    • "ip_address" = ""
    • "param" = "command"
    • "id" = "123456789".

    Test "A" for a purpose B:

    • "ip_address" = ""
    • "param" = "other command"
    • "id" = "987654321"

    Test "X" for a purpose whatever:

    • "param1" = "1"
    • "param2" = "2"
    • "param3" = "3"
    • "param4" = "4"

    As I said just the values of the parameters of a test change when used with in another Test Suite (as it is called in Octane). The number of parameters is the same for the same test (here above Test A for A purpose has the same number of parameters as the Test A for B purpose). As for another test the type of parameters and their number might be totally different (Test A and Test X have different number of parameters and different parameter values).

    Inside a Test Suite the test parameters can be edited dynamically but during run time the parameter values are static.