Rhythm Tracking View Prediction Algorithms

Can anyone explain the when the following terms mean in the Tracking View and how the various numbers are calculated. I have looked in the online help and the answers are quite vague. I really would appreciate some detailed explanation of the calculations used. Thanks.

Operating Capacity

Operating Velocity

Projected Completion Date.

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    Excellent question... 

    1. Operating Capacity - Comparison of total points allocated to the release vs. available capacity for the release (available capacity is release duration * weekly points specified in the release defintion).  "How close is the release to full capacity?"
    2. Operating Velocity - The number of average points delivered per week.  Calculated using # weeks since release start and total accepted story points.  "How many points do we average per week?"
    3. Projected Completion - Using history, when all release stories are projected to be completed.  Calculated using the Operating Velocity and the total story points of incomplete stories.  "Based on our historic operating velocity, when will all the outstanding work be complete?"

    Let's look at an example...  If the following values are set:

      Release Weekly Capacity = 10
      Release Start Date = July 31
      Release End Date = October 9  (release duration 10 weeks)

    and there are 10 stories assigned to the release with each having 10 points assigned, we have an Operating Capacity of 100%...  100 point release capacity and 100 story points assigned.

    Assuming one 10 point story is accepted every week, at mid-release we will have Remaining Work 50 of 100, and Operating Velocity of 10 pts per week.

    The Projected Completion will be tracking to the release date.  In the below screen capture I accepted the stories 1 day before the exact 5 week mark so the system expects I will be done a bit sooner than the expected date.  Rhythm calculations make some assumptions about linear progress and do a bit of rounding to handle mid-week updates, so they may vary slightly from initial expectations. 

  • thanks Mark. Very useful. Sometimes I see 'N/A' for the Operation Capacity' - what is that telling me?
  • The Operating Velocity displays as N/A when the numbers used for the calculation are not valid. Examples are, when there not any stories assigned to the release, or when all assigned stories have 0 point estimates. It most commonly happens early in the release definition process.

    We do appreciate that some teams may not use point estimates for planning (more often true when using a Kanban methodology). We are in the process of defining an option to present tracking metrics based on story counts, not points. This will provide an alternative should your team work in this manner.
  • Thanks. One more question:

    Do these algorithms use the detailed availability data included in the profile of each team member in any way?
  • No problem... The Tracking view does not consider defined user availability. It's projections are based on historic data only.

    User availability is used in the Team Room to annotate the Burndown chart, and provide allocation guidance during user assignment.
  • Thanks. Seems that it would be possible and helpful to use availability in those algorithms? If so please consider this an enhancement request...