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Carryovers and Task Status

Not entirely sure if this is really a Rhythm or StarTeam CPC question but I will post here first - If I need to post elsewhere please let me know.

We have an issue with some members of our team checking code into StarTeam against incorrect process items. This appears to be because the dialog the allows them to select a process item (usually a task as we work in Rhythm) shows a large number of tasks allocated to them. This is because in the past the team has had a large number of carryovers and in progress tasks carried over in Rhythm leave the source tasks as 'in progress' and hence they still appear in the check-in dialog. That's our theory at least :-)

So my question is, 'which state should we change the left behind carried over 'in progress' tasks such that they no longer appear in the check-in dialog but we do not affect the Rhythm Tracking View or any other aspect of Rhythm?'.

Any advice gratefully received. We can script the outcome so I am not asking for a change in the Rhythm behaviour. Also in general we have not altered any of the existing state machines for tasks and other process item.

Thanks for any help/advice.