Can an Octane Requirement Document be protected from unauthorized edits?

My program has a particular high-level capabilities requirement document created in MS Word, widely coordinated across the Enterprise stakeholders, and ultimately signed/approved for implementation by the Enterprise senior leadership.  We're at the very early stages of migrating from ALM QC to Octane, and it seems this document would fit very naturally into a folder in the Requirements module, understanding it would involve a significant effort to copy-paste each section header & section content.  That effort may well be worth it, though, to allow solid traceability of the Features actually executed and delivered to the satisfaction of those high-level capabilities.  However, once the document has been approved in its Word format and transcribed into an Octane Requirement Document, we cannot allow any unauthorized edits.  (This restriction may not apply to other Requirement Documents in other folders.)  

Can a specific folder in the Requirements module be "locked down" more tightly than its sibling folders?

We also must be able to see a history of all changes that have been made, by whom and when.  I've seen the process for saving a Description Version History, but if I understand it correctly, it won't be sufficient because the user must affirmatively choose to save the history...we need it saved automatically.  Is there an automatic versioning setting controllable by the Admins I just haven't found yet?

Awesome product!  Thanks in advance.

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    All approved Requirement Documents need to be restricted from being edited?

    In this case, you can use business rules. Once the RD is in accepted phase (or other), you can make requirement's fields read-only.

    You can see all changes, the time and the performer in History tab. Isn't that enough for you?

    Thank you for your feedback and let me know if the answer helps you.

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