Data Table section cannot be opened

Since the last upgrade from 16.0.200 to 16.0.300, there is a strange misbehavior that is not reproducible. The error occurs as follows: A user wants to create or modify a Data Table. The Data Table button is grayed out. The "arrow" on the right side (visible if the Data Table section is already open) is also missing. Consequently, a user has no possibility to use Data Tables (parameters) in Manual Tests.

What we already know:
- It affects only some workspaces so far
- It does not affect the role (Test Manager, Workspace Admin, Space Admin, ...)
- There are users who do not face this misbehavior in the same workspace where other users have this problem
    o Although the users have the same role (=> Space Admin)
- Simply deleting cookies or switching browsers unfortunately does not work
    o Even if a user logged on to a foreign device, on which this error did not actually occur, the error persisted