How to track Impediments for team or a team of Scrum Master?


we like to track our impediments. Moreover we would love to have an impediment backlog in Octane.

Some of our teams track them via Quality Stories, others via Defect with defect type = impediment.

The problem is that then defects would have the same name and colour as a software defect.

Any suggestions? 



  • Hi Georg,

    Thank you for sharing this need.

    Not to interfere with the rest of the community here to chime in and share their ways of reporting and following on impediments,

    We just wanted to mention that the recent "Waste" related functionality that was introduced to ALM Octane and ValueEdge allows to capture occurrences of time periods that were invested in wasteful activities (or inactivity) and to report on the aggregated waste and its categories.

    We do plan to further expand this functionality, so it would be interesting to learn how does your organization capture impediments:

    1. What are usually the types of impediments you track?

    2. Do you measure and report on the time spent on impediments?

    3. Do impediments relate to specific entities (Stories, Defects, Features, Epics, Teams, Sprints, Releases, Test runs, Pipelines, builds, etc)

    4. Do you report them as they occur or in retrospect?

    5. What sort of information do you keep (or wish to keep) for every impediment?

    Any additional insight or need regarding this issue will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hello  , sorry for the delay... Thanks for your questions!

    1. Impediments would be anything holding back the team to perform well

    2. We would love to measure and report on the time spent in Octane

    3. no

    4. both

    5. which team, person or... identified the impediment, the route it takes (Team, SoS, SoSoS, EAT) how critical, ...

    We tried Defects and QS but had the need to use type