When are move/copy/export/import space features going to be available in Octane?

Idea 1673716 for this has been sitting in status Accepted for years. Basic admin features such as this are needed immediately.

  • We are aware of the increasing need for this functionality and we are definitely not indifferent to the fact that this request was first raised a long time ago.

    Hopefully, we will be supporting one use case of Workspace Export\Import soon, and that is for restoring a workspace using a backup of it.

    We are now engaged with the needed functionality to support other use cases that rely on workspace export and import.

    We have sent out to the voters of idea 1673716 a questionnaire collecting more information for that request: https://forms.gle/aKHr1FzEeUSVdmXg8

    We do recommend posting your remark as a reply\comment to the original idea, for it to resonate better with all other stakeholders having an interest in it.

    Thank you