Update parameter value during execution of manual test

Hi team!

I have a test suite, where the first test generates a transaction number that I need to use on a consecutive test.

How can I do so the tester executing the first test saves the transaction number to a place where other test can call for it?

If i create a DT on the first test how can I save a parameter on execution time to the DT of that run  only

Any ideas are highly appreciated


  • Suggested Answer


    Passing parameters automatically from one manual test to another in a suite is not currently supported. Octane doesn't create an instance of the data set per run, it uses the data set of the test to generate the steps with the correct values.

    If you like you're welcome to add an idea on this in the Idea Exchange.

    BTW I understand this is not what you're looking for but as a workaround, some users utilize the Comments of the suite run to share information such as this manually.