Anonymous Automated Run generated in Pipeline

Hi all,

I have refer to this document as link below and to setup my pipeline run by utilize Jenkins, ALM Octane and Unified Functional Testing (UFT).

Recently my team have discover an issue that there is something wrong for automated test but it not happen very frequent.


Refer to first and second image above, this is the actual result generated for my pipeline (ErrorHandling #243 & #244 & #239) that was schedule to run everyday. There are 7 automated run generated that used to link between pipeline run & automated test. 

Refer to image above, this is the pipeline result (ErrorHandling #242) that is something wrong on that Automated Run. An Automated Run with id 305002 generated with some text that should not be happen.

Is there any idea about this issue happen ? May let me know if there is some more details or this question.

  • Hi,

    I think it might be related to some failure during the test execution, maybe on the "BeforeClass" or something related to that, i.e. unexpected behavior in the test execution in Jenkins.

    can you please check what appears for that automated run in Jenkins itself? what is the name appears there?

    also if possible to share the test result xml file sent from Jenkins (it appears in the Jenkins workspace folder), and if we will need further information than that then probably we will recommend to log a ticket to the system so we can continue with the investigation.



  • Hi,

    Unfortunately I didnt back up for the test result xml file, also I didnt see found related keyword appear from the log. But I have attached the Jenkins Console Output log that is similar to test result xml file in this replied


  • Hi

    I didn't find anything in the console file you sent, i guess we will need more logs, it happened only once or it happens again? I guess for further investigation if required then please open a ticket with the relevant information and we could continue investigating.


  • Hi,

    This happened last time only once and I try to troubleshot but didnt found anything mention about the error from the all the log exists. This issue resolved after I delete the generated Automated Test in ALM Octane,

         e.g. happened since build #232 to #234 , delete anoymous Automated Test and next build #235 onwards start working as usual. 

    So my team request me to find out the potential root cause so that this can be prevent in future.

    I will ask other team about this error occurrence again and provide the info and also the logs if it still happen for them.

  • Hi I have also the same issue

    as you can see the Test name are mixed with other characters of different encoding.

    This does seem to happen randomly.

    For further investigation this is the console output:   console-logfile.txt