How to add Relations to an existing defect using REST API?

I would like to add relations using REST API to a defect which is already created.

  • Hi,

    The exact REST calls to create relations depend on both elements you want to connect: Defects could e.g. be linked to requirements, test run, ... Your defects will be linked to which entity type?

    As far as I know you can create relations from both entities - either link the defect to a test run or a test run to the defect.

    You might have a look at the GDPR Content Pack (download at The Excel sheet "Octane Fields" lists all fields for Octane entities including a description. If you filter that sheet for "defect" you'll currently find 94 fields; e.g.:

    • parent: A reference to the item under which an entity was opened.
    • dependence: The work items that depends on the entity.
    • linked_items1: Backlog Items
    • linked_items2: Defect(Trace from)
    • requirements: The requirements covering this entity.
    • covering_tests: A numeric field that shows the number of tests linked to this defect

    The code to create Octane relations is in module modOCT, subOCTCreateRelation.