How to add a follower to an existing defect using REST API?


I created a defect in ALM Octane using REST API. I would like few octane users to add as followers for the defect created and get updates whenever defect is updated. How do I do this using REST API? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

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    I've found an Octane entity called "notification_item". Please see attached screenshots with the first fields of this entity (it currently has 46 fields on my system):


    I've not yet tried this but you could create notifications in Octane and then retrieve them via the REST API. Then you use the results to build your own API statements to create notifications.



  • Hi Dirk Hedderich,

    Appreciate your response. I have downloaded the excel sheet and looked in octane_module section in which notification_item API does not support POST and has PRIVATE Access.

    I don't see notification_item API listed in generic API list.