Can anyone confirm that they're able to use the ALM_OCTANE_TECH_PREVIEW header value with the API. I believe I'm passing this correctly in the headers, but the response is 403 error code.  I'm on the latest version ( of Octane.


The simplified log below shows the authentication request, followed by another to the preview API.  I'm successful authenticating to Octane, and non-preview API requests work just fine.

[Debug] Connected to Octane: OK [Debug] ==================================== [Debug] Starting Signin Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXXX Accept: application/json ALM_OCTANE_TECH_PREVIEW: true [Debug] Response [Debug] ==================================== [Debug] OCTANE_USER Value is XXXXXXXXXXXXX [Debug] LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY Value is XXXXXXXXXXXXX [Debug] Starting Request [Debug] ==================================== Host: ALM_OCTANE_TECH_PREVIEW: true Set-Cookie: OCTANE_USER=XXXXXXXXXXXXX, LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY=XXXXXXXXXXXXX Accept: application/json


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.