Odata connection via Power BI


Does anyone use Power BI as a reporting tool for Octane ?

Can someone provide which link has configure as Odata feed ?

Does link need to start with http or https ?





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  • Hello Ehud,

    Thank you for replay, but it seems that I need to be more concrete.

    So I have read all available documentation but if I use examples from documentation as power BI Odata data source I got following error's :

    for example with http :


    I got error :

    OData:The request was aborted: The operation has timed out

    for example with https :


    I got error :

    power bi the underlying connection was closed: an unexpected error occurred on a send.

    I have tried to use username and password and client secret and pass from api access. 



  • Hi,
    I understand that you get errors when trying to connect Power BI to Octane OData API.
    In this case, I suggest that you will submit a ticket to support so that they will be able to provide the appropriate service.
  • Hi,

    Yes I have open the case and resolved the issue.

    It seems that problem was on our internal network (firewalls) but nevertheless there are some changes :

    You should not use https but http link ( in documentation there is only https mentioned ). 

    And instead of server name you should use ip address ( even do client is able to resolve host name to ip ) strange but this is how this works.

    But now when this works one more important question :

    How to get information from power bi in which phase ic which defect ?

    I do not see any connection field between those two tables ?