How to update test suit run report without CI server

I want to update results for test suit without using CI server how can we achieve that i have tried both option REST API(able to update the individual automated test result ) and Test Result collection Tool but able to uplate the test suit result .


RES API :- payload xml format don't have test suit element to update the result or we dnt have any REST API to update the test suit result.

Test Result Collection tool :- though i am getting successful msg "Test result from file 'Result.xml' was pushed to server" but still test suit run report is not updated:

Junit XML payload:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<testsuites xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<testsuite name = "DemoTestSuit" timestamp="2020-04-14T12:12:12" tests="2" failures="0" errors="0" >
<testcase name="Regression_TC05_test_name" classname="DemoTestSuit\Regression_TC05" time="80" status="pass">
<testcase name="Regression_TC06_test_name" classname="DemoTestSuit\Regression_TC06" time="70" status="pass">

Kindly do needful


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  • Hello,

    out of curiosity do you have an estimated date for this release ?

    When the test suite is executed with the Octane "Run Suite" button, I'm able to update a suite run with these 3 CI server informations : CI Job, build id, server id

    But if a test is executed outside Octane, I'm creating with the api a test suite, an automated test linked to the test suite, and finally creating a suite run. In this context I'm stuck because I don't have any informations to update the suite run apart from the id, name of the suite run ... And currently as mnazim said we don't have any way to update a suite run in this context, or at least not to my knowledge.


  • Unfortunately i don't have estimation currently.

    Are you using Octane on SaaS or on premise? 

  • hello I'm using the 15.0.20 version of Octane