Manual Test Data Set accessible using REST API?


Test Steps and Test Runs are accessible using REST API. Is it possible to use REST API to read and write the Data Set values belonging to a Test?

- If yes: could you give me an example using cURL?
- If no: is there a workaround or is it planned to get that feature in Octane?

  • I do not know if my question was clear enough. Basically I am just asking if there is a way to get the values of a Data Set (from a Data Table) using REST API or something (cf. the red arrows on the picture below)?

    Any help would be welcomed since I cannot find any information on Octane Data Set and REST API.


  • Hi,

    I've not yet worked with the test data table via the REST API - and it's not recommended to do so at the moment, test_data_table currently has the access level "private":

    Octane Entities.jpg


    These are the fields of the entity test_data_table (sorry, my Excel is currenty set to German - "wahr" means "true", "Falsch" means "wrong"):

    Test Data Table - Fields.jpg


    These screenshots are from the GDPR Content Pack (; you can use it to analyze the Octane entities and fields on your Octane environment.




  • Hi Dirk,

    Thanks for sharing that information. Actually that is what I was looking for.

    A get request in REST API using the URL "">octane_server/.../data_sets" indeed returns a "403 Forbidden" HTTP answer.

    So I believe there is no way with the current version of Octane to use the parameters inside a data set with REST API.



  • Verified Answer


    You could try the depricated header "HPECLIENTTYPE" with value "HPE_REST_API_TECH_PREVIEW" to access private elements.

    This header is depricated since Octane 12.60.4 so you perhaps have to activate the old header; have a look at the Online Help / Setting configuration parameters.



  • Dirk,

    You are totally right and I was wrong: it is possible to get parameter values from REST API using the header parameter you mentioned.

    I write down my testings since it could help others.

    1) First, using cURL, I get the information on my test (its number is 166437).

    curl -v -b /tmp/cookies -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "HPECLIENTTYPE: HPE_REST_API_TECH_PREVIEW" -X GET octane_server/.../166437 | python -m json.tool

    I got that:

    [...] "subtype": "test_manual", "subtype_label": "Manual Test", "test_data_table": { "activity_level": 0, "id": "57001", "name": "my_table", "type": "test_data_table" }, [...]


    2) I noticed the "test_data_table" element you brought to my attention with the value 57001. Then I run a second REST API request with cURL using "test_data_tables" and the value I just found (i.e 57001).

    curl -v -b /tmp/cookies -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "HPECLIENTTYPE: HPE_REST_API_TECH_PREVIEW" -X GET octane_server/.../57001 | python -m json.tool

    And I got:

    [...] "data": { "data_sets": [ { "id": "20001", "iterations": [ { "Family_name": "Marley", "First_name": "Bob", "Phone": "123.456.789" } ], "name": "Default Data Set" } ], "parameters": [ "First_name", "Family_name", "Phone" ] }, "description": null, "id": "57001", "last_modified": "2019-06-25T10:54:29Z", "name": "my_table", [...]


    I can see the table name, the data set name and its values (the parameters and their values declared in the field "iterations").

    I do not know if it is possible to get "iterations" field content directly without JSON parsing. The data set requests do not give the parameters values if we use requests ending with "data_sets/data_set_number" but requests with "test_data_tables" do the job.

    Thanks a million.