Sending commands from Octane to another tool?

Hi everyone.

I would like to know if it is possible to send a command from Octane to another program (a tool or a CI program).

The idea is to send a command (using shell commands, REST API command, pipeline or whatever) with a parameter - the Test Suite ID or the Test Suite Run ID - directly from Octane to another program. That way users will not switch from a software to another; they just use one piece of software: Octane. Please note that the triggering action comes from Octane and not from a CI server.

Here is a little drawing in text mode:

Step 1:
Octane ----[Sending command with Test Suite ID]----> A tool/A server

Step 2:
Octane <---[Sending test results of the Test Suite]---- A tool/A server

Possible solutions could be:
1 - Running a pipeline from Octane with the Test suite ID to Jenkins. Jenkins then gives back the result of the tests into Octane. But I do not know if a Jenkins pipeline can be triggered by Octane and can use Test Suite ID.
2 - Running API REST POST (or PUT) request from Octane to a Web server. The Web server then sends back the test results to Octane.
3 - Opening an SSH connection from Octane to a server then exchanging data with shell scripts.

First of all is it possible to run a command on Octane to send data to another tool?

If yes then which solutions could be possible?