Adding multiple runs with one test in a suite run


I was wondering if it was possible to create multiple runs in a suite run with one test in a test suite.

I made a diagram for a better understanding.




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  • Hi  

    Could you please share more details on the exact use case?
    This is about automated runs, correct? Is there any difference between them? If they are the same, what is the reason you need them as separate runs and not historic runs of the same run instance?


  • hi  

    Yes it's about automated runs, the differences are on jenkins, in fact for the same test we'll have different line of parameters that's why we wanted to create multiple runs.

    Since we cannot use data tables with the automated tests (without using UFT's external data table), we are using excel file to define our parameters for a test.

    example of parameters : 

    hostname: abc123, ip:
    hostname: abc124, ip:

    Jenkins will extract those parameters, run the tests and affect it to the test inside the test suite

    So the test Ucmdb here will have those two lines of parameters. Now for why we want to create multiple runs inside the suite run ? We think that it will be easier for a user to see what happened for each hostname instead of posting everything in the description of one run. 


  • Hello,

    I wanted to know if it was possible or not ? If not is there any alternatives instead of creating for each run a new test ?



  • Hi Astal,

    We do not have support of multiple runs of the same test on one suite run yet, but we intend to support it in the future.

    Which framework of automated tests are you running?


  • Hello,

    I'm using the structure of Octane XSD, and added the test runner with junit Framework
  • Ok, but are you running Junit tests with it or anything else? i guess this is not UFT we are talking about?

  • No we're not using UFT, I do think that it is Junit tests that are implemented in the code I'm not in charge of that part.

    From what I know they construct the xml conforming to the xsd schema and send it with a post request on test-results endpoint