Import Backog Items from Excel using REST API

We would like to automate export of Backlog Items from Excel workbook without using UI and converting the data to json. 

Is there REST API call available for this?

  • Sorry, I've ment :
    We would like to automate import of Backlog Items from Excel workbook...
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    Hi Vitaliy,

    You might have a look at the GDPR Content Pack ( It imports backlog items from Excel sheets into Octane using VBA and REST.

    The source code is not protected; you could re-use it to create your own Excel import tool if you like.



  • Hi Vitaliy

    May I ask you to elaborate on the purpose of automating the import from Excel? 


  • Hi ,

    Thank you for being interested in my topic

    We consider different scenarios regarding following case: 

    Our customer uses application that generates errors and other types of issues and want us to create Backlog Item per error/issue in Octane at our side to be assigned to members of Support Team which is the part of our company.

    So one of these scenarios is: 

    Errors and issues can be automatically or manually collected by customer to Excel workbook that meets Octane's "Import Backlog Items" formatting requirements and periodically sent it to us (probably via ftp).  On our side we listen ftp server and start the task that downloads Excel and imports its content into Octane as soon as new Excel file arrives.

    We see following advantages of this scenario:

    -We don't need to provide customer with access to our Octane

    -We don't need to parse content provided by customer

    -Backlog items are created as soon as provided by customer

    That's why I'm looking for REST API uri that can be used for posting Excel file (probably the same way as if it is added as attachment) and invokes import of the file content as a Backlog Items or responds with errors if there is something wrong with content.

    Can this one be somehow used?

    https: //[octane  server]/internal-api/shared_spaces/[id]/workspaces/[id]/import-workitems


  • Hi Vitaliy

    Thank you for the detailed answer.

    The REST endpoint that you mentioned, import-workitems, is a tech preview API, which means that you can use it to automate the process. For details on how to use a tech preview API see The REST API.

    Note that Import API has a fuse of 300 records so you need to ask your customer to provide the information in Excel files in bulks of up to 300 records per file.

    Good luck

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for the clarification of your use case!

    I really like to code tools like this - nevertheless I'd suggest to reconsider that the customer uses Octane directly: You'd avoid synchronization or reporting issues and efforts since they use exactly the same data like your team.

    If you have to use the Excel-Sharing approach you could either use the import REST API mentioned by  (this requires that the customer uses exactly the correct Excel format) or build your own import daemon.

    You can code an import daemon in any programming environment which supports REST calls. You could even use an Excel workbook with VBA to import other "plain" Excel files provided by your customer. This is something I did many years ago  - my daemon polled for new Excel files in a folder (in you case ftp share) and imported them one by one. After a successfull import the file was renamed to *.ok; if an error occured to *.error.

    But as mentioned: Before spending time and money into building a tool I'd try to give your customer access to Octane directly.