sign_out not working in groovy script

Hi, we are using  groovy script to gather all user data for managing users outside of Octane, however we use a license when doing so because we use the HPE_MQM_UI in order to get the data we need as the rest api does not have what we require.

the groovy script created does everything i need except for signing out the user and releasing the license, we now run the script every 3 hours for the session to timeout but i would like to understand why does my call not work, here is my sign)out script, the result is just telling me that the user is already signed in...

def octSignOut() /*This function will end the session octane session*/
println "sign out"
def post = new URL("">").openConnection()
def message = ''
post.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json")
//post.setRequestProperty("HPECLIENTTYPE", "HPE_SWAGGER_API")
post.setRequestProperty("Cookie", "LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY=${octLWSSO}")
post.setRequestProperty("Cookie", "OCTANE_USER=${octUSER}")
post.setRequestProperty("Cookie", "BIGipServer${octBIG}")
//post.setRequestProperty("XSRF-HEADER", "${octCSRF}")
ResponseCode = post.getInputStream()
  • Hi  

    R&D have investigated your question, and we could not reproduce the issue - sign out call releases the license as expected in the product. in order to understand specifically why it is not working in your case we will need more details to investigate - please open a support ticket so we can continue through this channel to resolve the issue.