Rest Api consuming a lot of licenses instead of 1


i created a groovy script that authenticates on the against the rest API that brings me back the LWSSO and XSRF which i then use in various api calls

First one lists all the "Shared Spaces"/"Sites"

The second iterates through all of the "Sites" to return the "WorkSpaces"

The third iterates through all the "WorkSpaces" of each "Site" to return the users

However in Octane instead of using one license i use around 1 per "Site" or "WorkSpace" still trying to figure that out.

Is this correct?



  • Verified Answer


    Using the Rest API should not consume any license if the public or Tech Preview API header is used. are you using a different internal header that consume license?

    As for license consumption - it is consumed per shared space, so in case you use the MQM_UI header that consume license via the API, a license will be consumed per every open session for different space.