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Ability to manage total capacity for an individual by release/sprint in a single place when they exe

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over 1 year ago

When there are user stories that have tasks and those tasks need to be completed by individuals who are on different teams, we are able to assign the task to the individuals. The issue is that we cannot manage the individual's capacity when they have tasks assigned to them from user stories that are owned by other teams. In the team backlog, you have to set filters for release, sprint, and team in order for the Team panel to be populated with team members and their capacity buckets. This filter, then excludes any task hours being included in the individual's capacity overview if the user story is owned by another team. Basically, we need a solution for managing capacity and having full oversight of the work that is assigned to individuals regardless of the user story's owning team. 

Another way to look at this problem is from the team member perspective, when a team member needs to perform tasks for multiple teams, there is no single view of the team member's capacity and how much is being used on various teams. Perhaps we need an addition to MyWork that is able to be filtered by release and sprint and shows the capacity bucket for the individual.


TEMPORARY WORKAROUND 1: We have a work around where we create separate user stories and assign tasks accordingly and then relate the user stories, but it creates a lot of extra data and makes managing a single piece of work difficult when it is spread across multiple stories. The solution that we are asking for is within a single workspace. Other project teams do this manually in excel and bypass Octane altogether to manage capacity because of these issues.


TEMPORARY WORKAROUND 2: The team member who is a shared resources across multiple teams is assigned to each team where they perform tasks. Then the team member is responsible for adjusting capacity every sprint to reflect the amount of their capacity that is allocated to each team. Of course, this makes it difficult for the team member in that they have to switch between multiple team backlogs in order to see all of their tasks and capacity per team. They could use My Work instead but that module needs more filtering abilities in order to make it truly usable for team members (we have a separate backlog item for this).


Even with these workarounds, it is still very difficult to manage.

  • Hi  , Thanks for sharing with us your suggestion. I have added it to our backlog, No ETA yet. Please note that in the meanwhile you can view a single team member capacity under the Task Board-> Team-(In the right pane) > Select the member you would like to see its capacity.