Idea ID: 2871809

Ability to patch field values into emails

Status : Under Consideration

We would like to have the ability to patch in field values when generating emails via Business Rules.  This will help us to be more descriptive in the emails that we generate to the users.

Example:  Feature <id> - <name> has been in Phase <phase> for <phase_age> days.


Business Rules
  • This is a very good suggestion. While it is under consideration, I'd like to suggest a workaround.

    Octane supports to configure an email subject prefix, where you can put the phase and phase_age field, and the message in business rule can be a generic one, such as "Feature has been stuck in a phase for a long time".

    For example, this is the subject I configured in server:

    phase: New -- Feature #1003 was updated - Feature has been stuck in a phase for a while


    “phase: New”  is the prefix I defined, phase: {phase}, I can added whatever field here.

    “Feature #1003 was update”  - it is hardcoded in Octane server.

    “Feature has been stuck in a phase for a while”, - this is defined in business rule. 

    Here is where you can define the email prefix:

    Define email templates (

    Please note, the email prefix applies to both email of notification and business rule.