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ability to remove fields displayed in the list of customize fields

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

There has already been an idea for this (Hiding of System Fields / Editing System Lists), but I'm hoping to have another look at this.

I'm hoping to find out, or suggest, the ability to remove certain fields from the available list of customized fields.
For example, if you're working with requirement documents there's a field "In my work". This field is not a part of the default forum but can be selected as a part of the customize fields.

As stated in the related idea, having these fields visible significantly degrades the user experience of Octane having to go through fields which are not relevant to the users, or perhaps that the Octane administrator has created that they don't want users to see.

  •  more broad. 

    For example - I would think "in my work" is more of a system field and not a user field, for the most part.

    I was hoping to have a way to hide the number of fields that are available in the "choose columns" area.

    We are already using forms with the required columns, which helps cut down on the number of fields presented to the user.

    End Goal- control the fields which the user can choose to see, apart from the default form. Simple Example - form as 50 fields, 10 are a part of the default form. 40 will still appear in the "choose columns" area....

  • Hi,

    in this use case it seems that you request hiding of fields not from the need to hide actual data on certain fields but just remove some unrelevant fields to not confuse the end users.

    The use case is clear - I have opened this for votes




    Are you looking for an option to mark a field as not available in entity forms? Or something more broad than this?