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Ability to report on aging of open backlog item blockers/impediments

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

The system provides fields "Blocked" and "Blocked reason" for backlog items and project teams use this functionality in order to track impediments. Typically, an impediment should be resolved within 1-2 days and project processes can be used to manage impediments, however, on large scale projects it is more difficult to manage this via process and there are some impediments which cannot be resolved quickly. Project teams need visibility of how long an item has been blocked in order to push for resolution within a stipulated timeframe. Project teams would like the ability to create views (grids filtered, summary widgets with drill-down/grid view capability, etc.) in order to see all blocked backlog items and for how long they have been blocked. Currently, you would have to dig into history for each item one-by-one in order to see when it was blocked.

We tried to create a UDF for "Blocked date" and to write business rules to autopopulate or make the field required when the "Blocked" field is changed to "Y", but there is no ability to write a rule based on the "Blocked" field.

  • Should be available from Octane 15.0.20 - ability to create business rules with a condition on Blocked field

  •  the solution you mention sounds promising, however, we have now found more use cases for the ability to write business rules with a condition based on the "Blocked" field (e.g. preventing workflow transition, populating other fields, making other fields mandatory). Will you provide the ability to create a business rule with a condition based on the "Blocked" field?

  • Hi  

    Thank you for the detailed description of the request. indeed this request is coming from many customers and part of the metrics we plan to provide in Octane. In Octane 15.0.20 release we have provided the ability to measure Cycle Time of features and stories and Defect resolution time from customized start phase to end phase. the next metric we plan to deliver on this domain is indeed a way to track features/stories/defects which are stuck in a phase (customization) for more than <x> time.

    no ETA yet but this is planned with high priority.