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Able to copy requirement including children

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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7 months ago

We use Requirement of documentation - so each requirement is a section in test report.

But when we need to create new report we need to copy Req plus all the child requirements - this can only be done by copy one-by-one

Would like to be able to right-click on the a Requriement document in the folder structure in the left panel and choose copy.......this would then copy this particular req and structure below to create dublicate

br jesper


  • Indeed until ALM Octane support this functionality it will not be a trivial task.

    You may try to export requirements to Excel and Import them back.

    Note, you will need to adjust the Excel structure to match that of the import.

  • So can you please explain how user are supposed to work with documents within the requirement module?

    If I have a document say a Test report which consist of many children (subsection in document) I do have the need to create new test report and would like to reuse existing one as starting point.

    If the existing report has 38 sections (children) i would need to duplicate 38 times and reorder to create new not something we can convince users to actually use. Most be more userfriendly

    br jesper

  • We have this ER on our backlog.

    No ETA for its delivery yet.