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Able to delete spaces

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Should be able to delete spaces (isolated and Shared) if empty of for workspaces

If possible delete to a recycling bin first (stays inactive and not available for users and then after something like 20 working days deleted completely


Shared Space Management
  • Delivered in Octane 12.60.47 - CP10 release.

  • The ability to delete a space is planned for as part of the short term agenda.

  • Yes, the adding of users directly to selected shared workspaces is certainly nice.

    But I would still like to be able to delete isolated and shared spaces..........we have lots spaces we need to delete as they have been used for test because we got errors when creating new spaces.

    br jesper

  • Hi Jesper,

    I guess you are reffering to importing LDAP users which automatically adds all the users to the default workspace within the shared space you have imported the users to. this is indeed a limitation which we plan to remove by providing the ability to choose the workspace you want to import the users to (in the Import from LDAP dialog). 

    in addition, in CP9 we support the functionality of adding LDAP users at workspace level - so each workspace admin (if he got permissions to), can add LDAP users directly to his workspace.

    will this answer the issue you raised below?

  • Yes, I'm aware of deactivation thanks:)....but when you work as admin you would prefer a proper deletion:)

    When new users are added they are always added to Default_shared_workspace which is not used in most cases,so whenever new user is added we deactivate them in this in order to only show relevant projects.....