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"Accepted" in the user story workflow

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9 months ago
The current workflow that we have in Octane is -> New - In Progress - Testing - Done.
We have the practice of having the user stories accepted after the demo. Typically, the PM/PO accepts the user story and that's where the story is actually Closed.
The other expectation is the user story points should be burnt once the user stories are accepted. 
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  • , I would like to disagree with you. The "Done" is the engineering team's user story completion status (no testing/validation pending). This user story is then being demoed during the Sprint Demo meeting. If that does not meet the Acceptance Criteria specified by Product Owner/Product Manager, the user story is reopened and the status is changed accordingly.

    If that meets the Acceptance Criteria specified by Product Owner/Product Manager, the user story should be "Accepted" and user story point should then burn.


    From the overall flow perspective (phases and meta-phases) it seems that the Done (Or more Dev Complete) may be placed under In Testing, as it still requires a validation step of the PO/PM, and only after that it is deemed as Done.

    From a burn graph perspective, you can of course include\exclude the relevant phases.

  •  thank you for the detailed answer.
    Sounds like perhaps only the "Closed" phase should remain in the "Done" metaphase?

     what do you think?

  •  ,

    The current Octane workflow for a user story is - 

    New -> Ready -> In Progress -> In Testing - > Done. Everything is at the shared space level.

     The workflow requested is 

    New -> Ready -> In Progress -> In Testing -> Done -> Accepted -> Closed

    The reasons are:

    1. After the story is moved to the Done status, the PO/PM should accept the user story based on whether it's meeting the AT/AC or not. 

    2. The user story point should then burn if the user story is "Accepted" by PO/PM and then closed

    The "Done" is an engineering status of completing the user story. But until it's not accepted by the PO/PM, the story is not completed or the user story points are not burnt.  Where in Octane, the story points are burnt when the user story is moved to Done. 

    I hope that answers your question.

  • Hi  

    I read the attached thread and it looks like the gap is mainly in how the process is defined at the shared space level and not Octane capabilities.
    Can you please specify the exact functionality that you would expect Octane to support and is not supported today?