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Add a gui for runs

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago

In Octane GUI, there are no ways to show/filter all the runs (like it exists on

It would be great to have it.


  • One of the reasons former ALM users/new Octane users are having trouble adopting manual testing in Octane is that the run data must be drilled down into one-by-one for each test/test suite. It would be easier for Octane users to monitor sprint/cycle specific testing if there was an overview tab for runs with ability to filter, sort, etc as you can for other entities.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your answer but we still need this run view (like we had in for example to be able to bulk modify runs
    because sometimes tester are making mistakes or forget to set some fields in the runs.
    Thanks a lot

    When you filter tests by release in Octane today, we actually filter the runs of the test (whether they're planned or already executed or don't exist), so sounds like the behavior is according to what you would expect even though the relation between test and release is not direct.

    If there is a specific widget/view that you'd like to see and is not available, please share the details.



    Yes, It would signify that it has been run, or is planed to be run. Otherwise how would you know a breakdown of work completed, manual or automated, that has been completed for that release?