Idea ID: 2807983

Add ability to export of Permissions defined by Role and/or Permission Category to excel

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

As a Space Admin I'd like to have the ability to export the role-based access controls for each Role or functional permission category. 

I'd like to be able to provide non Space Admins with a method to view and analyze current/out of the box permissions set on the the predefined roles in the Space so they can help me determine what roles need modified vs. what new roles need to be created.

Providing this as an export also provides us with a backup or history of the permission settings before and after any modifications which we desperately need in my organization as we struggle with transitioning from our existing highly-customized ALM to an off the shelf version of Octane.   As of now we rely mostly on sharing of screenshots and trial and error -- which is tedious, time consuming and error-prone. 

I found the excel export utility that was available in ALM (see link below) to be extremely useful to me in ALM and would love to have some similar available to me in Octane






Shared Space Management
  • Hi Pattye,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on providing a way to import shared space customization data (including permissions) and import it to another space. 

    This should help you answer the use case raised above, as you can export the customization of each of your production shared space, and use it for either backup or import it to apply this customization on other shared space.


    stay tuned - this functionality should be available soon