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Add Capability to Filter/Sort Additional Fields for Test Suites and Test Suite runs

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over 2 years ago

During the suite run , there is an option on the top right corner to pass or fail the entire suite. It would be helpful to also have some sort filter at this level to filter for certain test cases, users, or other fields added to the run form. At the very least, when users try to sort/filter tests in a test suite, they should have options to do so on all fields in the form. Currently it looks like sort is limited to  Order and Author. There will be multiple testers working on the test suite during regression it will be easy if we can sort and everyone can work on some specific tests instead of having to scroll through the list of tests, particularly if there are  a lot of tests in the suite.

  • Backlinking to a closed request. Is it valid?

  •  Archiving for now, please let me know whether the flow above didn't work for the team

    Regardless, we are planning to add the ability to filter the Tests grid in the suite

  • Hi Yael,

    The team has not yet tried this approach and I've passed that along to them.



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    I agree that this grid should be sortable and filterable and this is something that we have planned. However in the use case which you described, it sounds like you could use the test planning flow - select a suite, plan a suite run, go inside the suite run and adjust/assign/update/filter/sort etc. Did you try this option?



     , I actually see two issues here. One, we can only sort/order on two fields, one of which doesn't actually have data (order). The other issue is that we can't filter by any fields here either. If the tester only wants to run tests in this suite assigned to them, they'd have to go through each test. Yes, technically they could create another test suite with just tests they want to run, but that is not currently their process. Filtering capability here would be very useful.