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Add capability to report on user session metrics from API

Status : Accepted
9 months ago

We want to be able to pull user session metrics from ALM Octane to an internal dashboard for real time session data collection. Since we are SaaS customers, we don't have access to the database to get these reports and they are currently not available through the API.

We want to be able to see how many user sessions there are per hour/day/week. We want to connect that data to an internal source that also helps us determine which internal organizations are using the tool. All of this will be monitored on internal dashboards that our management looks at on a daily basis. Attached are examples of the reports we would like to pull via the API on our own.

  • Hi Howard,

    Thank you for clarifying, i have already raised the priority for this feature, so it is included now as part of Octane short term agenda.

    The plan is to provide SaaS customers with Sessions API to provide data about all sessions related that were opened on the specific tenant.

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  • Hi Siggy,

    This was part of a larger discussion our management had with our Micro Focus team. We asked that we get assistance with building a dynamic dashboard. Without this capability we cannot build the dashboard. I am submitting tickets on a weekly basis so we can have the data we need, however, for obvious reasons we are always a week behind.

    Anything we can do to have this escalated/prioritized higher?



  • Hi  

    thank you for the detailed explanation of your request.

    As of today you can get the data of all opened sessions  in your tenant by opening a ticket to SaaS.

    In addition, we are considering to provide an API for the tenant admin to be able to get this data via the API.

    no ETA yet.