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Add 'Expected Result' column to ALM Octane's Manual Step & Runner Window

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

Hi Team,

If possible, could you please add the  'Expected Result' column of ALM Octane's Manual Step & Runner Window.

As of now, user only get option to mention: 1) step details & 2) validation point, but there is no option for user to add 'expected result' for manual test steps, whereas post execution test result details window shows columns as: step number, expected result & action result - which contradicts to options available for creating/adding manual test steps.

Thanks & Regards,

Prakash Maurya


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  •  thanks for the response, I am opening this for votes.

  •  - no offence, but it's like eating your dinner - you eat the food & then drink water, you don't mix water to your food and say that anyways i am eating same amount of food & water. 

    As a traditional ALM users, we are habitual of writing test steps with step details and expected result in tabular format with one-to-one mapping of 'step details' & 'expected result of that step'.  And that why we are requesting, if possible can we have same/similar tabular view in Octane too. 

  • Hi  ,

    Can you please see the comment above and let us know if this request is still relevant?



  •  It is true that the overall number of steps increases, but the total amount of text per test remains the same, so why do you think that the complexity is increased?


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and link to one of the possible workarounds, but suggested workaround has a flow, that:  for each step in ALM (with step definition and expected result as one step) - there will be 2 steps in Octane (1 step as definition and 2nd step as expected result) and this will increase the overall number of steps for each test case. This will add up to the complexity of test case maintenance.