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Add "Open Tasks" indicator field to User Story OR prevent User Story moving to Done if open Tasks

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Needs Clarification
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over 1 year ago

We would like to be able to stop a user from moving a User Story to Done if there are open Tasks under the user story.  Ideally this would be accomplished via Rules to add flexibility in terms of Alerting the user.  

Not all tasks have time associated to them, so we can't look at remaining hours as an indicator.

Ideally add an "Open Tasks" field to the User Story that keeps a running count of the number of Tasks that are not in Done phase?

  • Hi  ,

    Can you please check the steps above and let us know if you managed to create a rule that answers your needs.




  • Hello,

    you can already do this today.

    Basically you want to Alert the user if the number of child tasks in the Completed phase are more than 0.

    1. Create a business rule on User Story, select Alert User as the action and fill in other necessary attributes in the Action tab.
    2. In the condition, select the "Child Task Count" from the field dropdown.
    3. In the operator dropdown, select the ">" under the Filter rubric (and not the the All rubric).
    4. You will be presented the possibility to select any filter on the related Task entity. Select Phase != Completed.
    5. In the value drowdown select 0.
    6. Save the rule.

    You can modify the steps above according to your needs, but the concept stays the same - creating a rule based on the count of a filtered set of related entities.

    Attaching a snapshot of the condition tab for better clarity below.